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What's the difference between Team MAS stealing your artwork off the internet compared to Team MAS walking directly into your design studio and walking out with it stored on a hard drive?

Answer: There is no difference. Well, maybe a lazy thief versus a thief with some balls.

Back in 2011 when Mike shamelessly ripped off our original artwork to declare it his "company logo" he decided to assemble a group of UK fitness, bodybuilding, and strength athletes to help represent his company MAS Body Development. Mike named this group Team MAS. aka Team Mike and Sons. Mike also chooses to include his mas body gym and clothing customers as automatic members of Team MAS. "Welcome to the team" he likes to say. Sometimes we wonder if these respectable athletes and customers are aware they are representing a company founded on theft. Mike tells them all HIS version of the ironville story but do they really know the truth? The real truth is Mike literally took a piece of artwork which he had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with its creation and had it trademarked in the United Kingdom and Europe. Just that fact in itself is beyond pathetic. He then went on to sell thousands and thousands of clothing items on ebay and his own website featuring this artwork which you can see on this page. The sales of those garments have basically given Mike many new opportunities in his life including the chance to no longer sell shoes out of his living room (bravo Mike) and no longer work as a construction worker. Mike likes to tell people his clothes don't sell because of artwork rather because they are cut different, fit comfortably, and hold up nicely to wear and tear. But the fact is, nobody on ebay would have purchased if they didnt like what they SEE PRINTED ON THE ITEMS. A chimpanzee could figure that out. This is how a former shoe salesman creates a successful line of elite range gym clothes. Instead of paying a designer, he rips off the artwork from honest people which ironically ranks at the top of google images for the search term "bodybuilding vest". Isnt that amazing, Mike's top selling item, a gym vest, featured the same art which the WHOLE WORLD can see at the top of google on OUR VESTS yet Mike never noticed this???? Incredible ingornace or one big lie, either way its sloppy business. Well now it appears Team Mas has a new logo. Mike continues to sell both the old and new logos on ebay and its not difficult to see which one is selling better than the other. Mikes new logo often has a big fat ZERO next to how many items have sold and the listings with our artwork sell. How fitting Mike's own ebay listings are a fine example of how his company has our artwork to thank for it's success. Mas Body and Team MAS, the lie born on Teesside.

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