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Oooooooooh, MIKEY STEALIN' !!!!.

Mikey has thanked us in the past online for giving him and Mas Body Development all the "extra publicity" with this website. Clearly Mikey doesnt understand who the audience is here. This website appears ONLY for those who go to search engines for "Mas Body Development" and probably just want to learn more about the brand. Well they are most certainly learning, all over the UK. These are the people Mikey DOESN'T want visting this website. CLICK HERE or view the map on the right to see just how large the story telling classroom is for this website with a traffic map spanning well over a year. The highest traffic is coming from Middlesbrough but you can see people across England are learning. That's a whole lot of students and very few of them are "Extra".


Mikey decided to move to a new logo several months ago and stopped selling the artwork we created via his company website. Masbody(dot) However, he continues to sell it on Ebay, in his factory shop, and to resellers of his products. Perhaps he's just trying to hide from us or our solicitors but we all know Mikey probably can't live without the artwork that allowed him to discontinue peddling flossy shoes out of his living room.

Its a bit funny though to see the customers on Ebay all but ignore his products with his new logos on them compared to the listings featuring IRONVILLE ARTWORK. His listings will go a full 30 days with selling 1 or ZERO units. In the example graphics on the right of this page you will see the line up of Mas Body Development vests for sale on ebay. All the listings were launched at the same time and you can clearly see what sells 10 units vs 1.

Mikey's very own ebay listings paint a clear picture of where his sales came from to build his business. He was selling those vests by the thousands. Now he practically can't GIVE his products away on Ebay, even the winter stuff right now. PROOF that artwork sells products that start a company, not a name.

Also please see our breakdown of lies featured in the ebay product description for the ebay listing selling the vest featuring our original artwork.

Thanks everybody, thought you might like know the latest. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. Even Mikey.


Early 2014

MAS Body Development had absolutely NOTHING to do with the design or creation of the above artwork
which is nearly identical to their "company logo".  MAS did not design the above artwork nor did they hire a professional to design it for them. This is FACT because WE designed it with our own hands 4 years before MAS existed as a company. The moment any original hand drawing is completed copyright is automatically established. When someone like Mikey publicly admits going around asking other companies if they have "rights" to a drawing that proves his monumental ignorance. It belongs to the artist who drew it. Apparently Mikey thinks the magic art wizard waves a wand and artwork miraculously appears out of thin air. It must be a miracle!! NO. We spent 25+ hours of WORK perfecting the lines until we were satisfied with the finished product. If we sat down right now and drew a photo realistic portrait of Michael Jordan that too would be a piece of original artwork. Here is a hand pencil drawing from college (CLICK HERE) it too is ORIGINAL ARTWORK. We are the one and only designer of the graphic at the top of this page yet it makes Team MAS "Mike And Sons" their money? Below are a few pics of our work for sale in public well before Mikey magically presented his company logo in 2011.  

Having recently traveled to the UK, we were happy to see Ironville shirts on the streets of London! We are gratefull to have such a strong & growing following in the UK. (EXAMPLE CLICK HERE)

Recently, one of our many fans in the UK emailed us directly about MAS using this artwork. We were actually blown away because Mikey didn't even attempt to alter or change the design. The curves in the legs, the structure of the hands, its nearly identical.   We then brought this to the attention of Mike, the owner and "creator" of MAS Body Development. We were not polite about it quite frankly because we are tired of dealing with people who leech on us like this over the years. (Mikey is not the first) Right away Mike responded by telling us on Facebook the logo came from "clip art" (we saved his Facebook message).  Then later on his website he claimed he hired a design company to create it and didn't really know where it came from.  (saved that also) Then for the 3rd story Mike claims they "design and manufacture" them all themselves, says so all over his website and ebay. THEN, Mike claims he noticed other companies using it before he did so that essentially proves his first 3 stories are lies.  Bravo on the now FOUR different stories.

The owner and operator of a very well known and honest UK fitness clothing line named Wear2Gym, who actually design their own artwork, publicly stated on Facebook to Mike: "Their ironville tribal tattoo is surely their TM. I still say your designer has a lot to answer for. Why the designer didn't come up with something similar rather than use what a few are using (not unique). What a risk to take as a whole branding."

We agree with Leon's comment but then again a designer can't "come up with something" that already exists. How funny that one of Mike's own supporters calls him out on his own Facebook page. It's also amusing that this person happens to design and screen print his own line of fitness clothing. It's nice to see a recognized professional in the industry relate to our side of the story. Thanks to our friend in Middlesbrough who emailed us that screengrab image, you know who you are!

It's not as if Mas Body Development is only putting this art on one of their garments or styles, MAS has put this artwork on nearly every single garment they sell.  It is this artwork which gave them their start on Ebay and it's what allowed them to grow, open up Mas Body Gym, and now attempt their own "designs".  My god, Team MAS with the elongated T across the top. Seriously, as graduates with design degrees from globally renowed design schools, let us assure you, it's really, really bad. Anyway, You can't grow a brand with only a name, you need a visual identity, otherwise all you have is a name which customers have no reason to buy.  MAS body development, without question, owes everything they have to the artwork at the top of this page.

So, are we telling you to not buy their merchandise? No, we are not.  You can buy whatever you want.  We have absolutely no problem with competition in this market. Competition is good for the industry and we wish our competitors well, so long as they are not taking credit for or trademarking graphics they did not create.  If you ask Mikey about this now all he will do is wave his trademark around in the air.  Let us be absolutely clear about something: ANYONE can trademark artwork and claim it to be their own IF THEY PRETEND THEY CREATED IT. The documents used to file for trademark in the UK state you must be the original designer and the art cannot have been made available to the public for sale prior. Both rules blatantly ignored on the very documents he signed his name.

We understand that some people in life just aren't able to tie their own shoes, wipe their own ass, or get ahead in life without somebody else doing it for them.  That's fine, just don't copy someone else and expect the story to not be told.  Any real man would have a guilty conscious knowing the food he puts on his dinner table and checks he writes his employees are all built upon the foundation of another mans creative work, in the same industry, selling to the same people in the UK.

At the end of the day it all boils down to this: Mikey is profiting off art that a competitor designed and he knows it. He knew it before his "trademark" and he knows it now. It's undeniably unethical regardless of your opinion of Ironville or your history with Mike and MAS. Those in Middlesbrough who feverishly support Mike to continue selling this artwork are only enabling him and his poor judgement. Your blind and bias ignorance makes the lie born on Teesside that much more fraudulent. Ask yourself how you can support someone making a living when you know for certain he had nothing to do with the art which sells the products. Honestly, ask yourself that question. If you have a real set of balls you might just tell Mike the real answer to that question. But most of you won't. *Insert the sound a sheep makes here*
Hell, even for a moment take all the trademarks and / or copyright out of the equation. Look at this for what it is purely on a man to man level. Who does something like this? The answer is, a MAN does not.

MAS seems to do good work speaking out publicly against the negative attitudes of bullies. That is great, nobody likes to be bullied but then again nobody likes to be ripped off either. Maybe MAS should speak out against those who steal, lie, and profit from people who are honest and ETHICAL. Terribly sorry if the truth is something you don't want to believe or agree with.


IRONVILLE® Clothing Company, established in the U.S. in 2005, designed this featured artwork over six years ago. It has become nothing short of iconic to our brand, as well as the bodybuilding industry. It took roughly 25 hours and endless tissue overlays before the final line art took shape.

Over the years, several (wise) folks have come forth to inquire whether this particular graphic is available for their own use. We politely decline such second-party use and encourage these individuals to invest in their own creative mark. It builds proper brand equity over time and will forge a trust with your customers. Willfully copying from a renowned competitor not only defies the integrity and process of proper brand building, it's simply shortsighted and moronic. 

Mas Body Development, out of the United Kingdom, has decided to "cherry-pick" this popular piece and hastily apply their company name over top and declare it their own. "Fraud", as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, states: "intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right." This FACT stands true, even in the event that one obtains legal documentation or proof of trademark under false pretenses. Anyone can acquire documentation of ownership if they lie about it's origin. In doing so, many end up prosecuted, as they should.

When you take short-cuts in the gym, as in life, you earn little results, and needless to say, no respect. It matters not whether in the U.S. or the U.K. The same rule applies to business. The brain trust behind Ironville Clothing has a combined professional experience of nearly 30 years. We've built and nurtured brands from the earliest creative stages to the highest level of international acclaim. We're hardcore lifters too. That said, it's a shame when our valued customers get distracted by irrelevant, upstart "businesses" that claim they offer something (of ours) that was willfully infringed. SO, in response to whether Ironville Clothing Co. has any direct or implied affiliation to Mas Body Development, the answer is quite simply, hell no. We real. "He" fake.

If you prefer to buy your bodybuilding vest, t-shirts, sleeveless hoodies & shorts from a company who's earned it's reputation as one of the best in bodybuilding, powerlifting and muscle sports, we're your brand. We feel you deserve far better than a cheap knock-off. Without our "ghost bodybuilder" design, the items in question are nothing more than low-end blanks.

Our brand has always been predicated on the trust and input of our loyal customers. Many thanks to those in the upper UK region that have brought this petty matter to our attention. Your allegiance to our brand has been overwhelming and very much appreciated.

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